Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Happy Tuesday to you............
Only 2 days till I get to be at KCM - so can't wait. Dread the travel time & all but will be glad to get there & absorb the wonderful messages & good fellowship with the saints!

Reading "A Breath of Vanilla" made me think of this hillarious picture.
Can you tell me what is wrong with it?? LOL

Monday, September 25, 2006
Portion Control
Good morning - talk about portion control - I would like to share this with you!


Friday, September 22, 2006

I thank God for this day - he not only gave me a wonderful daughter, but he also gave me a friend. I love you!

Thursday, September 21, 2006
100 Things about me.
1. PTL, I've been saved going on 13 years
2. I am satisfied with the COG Congregation God has given me.
3. I am the mother of 4 children
4. I am "Oma" to 3.5 grandchildren
5. I've been at the same job now for 8 years
6. That is the longest I have ever been at the same job
7. I am the middle child of 7 children
8. I was a "daddy's girl" until #7 sibling came along, then I was shelved.
9. But I loved #7 anyways, she was my real live "baby doll"
10. I loved playing with my dollies, playing house, church
11. I used to put my baby brothers hair in "ponytails" so he could be my little girl while playing
12. I was hit by a car when I was 6 years old.
13. I was in the hospital unconscience for 3 days because of #12
14. Because of #12 I had a curve in my spine & was told by dr's I would never be able to have children full term, they were wrong.
15. My very first job was as a waitress at the "Dawg House"
16. I eloped at 18 years old (don't recommend it)
17. I had no clue what I was getting into!
18. I was in ROTC at Brewer & I hated it.
19. I loved my ART classes though.
20. My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. James was my favorite teacher in grade school.
21. Mrs. Battle & Mrs. Nance were my favorite teachers in college
22. I was this age when my dad passed away.
23. I do NOT like tornado's
24. I was in a tornado when I was 3 years old & still remember the fear I had.
25. wow, I'm only a quarter ways through this list & I'm running out of things to say.
26. I used to be a tractor trailer driver with my husband
27. Traveled 35 out of 50 states across the US.
28. I have been to Canada twice in my lifetime
29. I have been to Catalina Island
30. I have lived in IN, MI, MS, VA, AL in my lifetime
31. "in my lifetime" sounds like I'm really old, but I'm not.
32. I am addicted to computer games, particularly, ZUMA
33. I am also addicted to XANGA & BLOGGER
34. I waste entirely too much time on #33
35. I love to cross stitch & am pretty good at it.
36. I was this age when God made me a NEW CREATURE
37. I love to do puzzles
38. I have to keep busy doing something all the time
39. I feel like "sleeping" is wasting part of my day away
40. I am a hopeless Scrap Book-holic
41. I love to sew, just don't find enough time to do it because of #33, #35, & #37
42. I do not like Starbucks regular coffee (too strong)
43. I do like Starbuck's Chai Tea though
44. My brain is working too hard to think of 56 more items
45. I am probably boring you by now
46. I have been up in a hot air balloon before
47. Only went up about 20 feet though
48. Am scared of heights
49. I will be this age on my next birthday
50. I am single
51. I love to ride the amusement park rides, just not the REALLY HIGH ONES.
52. I have never been to Six Flags
53. Was supposed to go one time before I was married, but mom & dad wouldn't let me go.
54. My favorite hot wings place is Beauregards
55. I love Chinese food
56. I like Mexican food, Rosie's Cantina is my favorite for that
57. I love to read Christian Fiction
58. My favorite author at the moment is Beverly Lewis
59. I am a "book collector"
60. I also collect Lighthouses, hummingbirds, & dustbunnies
61. I am a "neat freak"
62. You should see my "cluttered house"
63. I cannot stand an unmade bed.
64. Should the bed not be made for some reason, I will make it entirely before I pull the covers back to get in.
65. If a kitchen is dirty or messy, I have to clean it before I can cook
66. Some people call me OCD
67. I am in love with my children & my grandchildren
68. I am still praying that I will one day soon get to see/hold my 2 oldest Grandchildren
69. I love my job
70. I like my co-workers
71. Sometimes I get really bored at work
72. I like flea markets & yard sales
73. I like the fall/winter seasons
74. I need to return to college & finish getting my bachelor's degree
75. I have never had a broken bone
76. I have had a broken heart
77. I love the color pink
78. The retro colors of brown, pink, and aqua are back and I am glad
79. I like my hair permed, looks better
80. I do not like big crowds
81. I do not like being the center of attention
82. I am shy (till you get to know me that is)
83. I am good about putting my foot in my mouth
84. Sometimes it is both feet
85. I get really nervous when I have to get up in front of a crowd.
86. Can you say "throw up" on #85?
87. I cannot read music notes
88. I play the piano some, just not very good at it.
89. I am getting happy here, almost done with this list.
90. I love hanging with my "girls & boy"
91. I thank God for having mercy on my 2 saved daughters
92. Am praying for my other 2 childern to be saved too.
93. I have an Amish heritage
94. Mom & Dad left the horse & buggy Amish just before I was born
95. I grew up "Old Order Amish" a.k.a. "Beachy Amish"
96. I was 17 years old before I ever had a "store bought" dress
97. I was made fun of in grade school because of my "amishness"
99. We were the only "Amish" kids in the entire school (K-8)
100. I made it & have thought of several more things to add, but maybe there will be a list later for 101 - 200 things about..................

Monday, September 18, 2006
Praise God - he answered another prayer for me yesterday! My DD#2 got saved yesterday! I so want to shout it from the roof tops, but since its not MY testimony, I won't do that. I just want to encourage others with unsaved loved ones to keep on praying for them! I have 2 other children that I am continually praying that they will see thier need of salvation. I mean who WOULDN'T want to be FREE from ALL sin????????? HUH? I mean, it is the BEST LIFE there is to live!
Had a wonderful day yesterday, started with good Church service, Faith getting saved. Then we traveled to my sisters' house to have lunch (fabulous food) andthen home for a quick power nap after getting my princess to sleep. Then church again & then went to our fav Pizza place with good friends/saints from another congregation & location (say that one 3 times really fast) joining us and enjoyed great fellowship!

Thursday, September 14, 2006
GOD IS SO GOOD...................

I want to praise God for the "little" things he does for me.
I got a wonderful gift Tuesday night - this picture of my grandson, Caleb that was taken just a few hours before.

Now, you might be asking "why is that so special - its just a picture" - well, let me tell you!

1. I haven't seen him / held him or his sister in almost 2 years.
(God did bless me with a 20 minute visit "stolen" when I saw him with his dad visiting his paternal grandparents.
2. He only lives about 10 miles from me
3. His Paternal grandparents live right across from the church I attend.

Now his mom, Niki is able to visit with him every 2 weeks, so she took my camera with her & was able to take some pictures for me & even 2 video's as he was playing. I love that little boy, though his is not little anymore - he is 9years old already! Time sure does fly, doesn't it.

I want to thank God for answering my prayer that I will be able to see him, touch him, hold him, and be the "Oma" to him I was meant to be, before sin entered into the picture and turned things into ugliness. He is slowly answering my prayers in bits & pieces till the puzzle is completly finished. So that is why I am thanking God for the "little" things he is giving me. The little things are just as precious to me because I know that God does all things well. And when He gets ready to put everything together & put in place - it will done right with no loop holes, no air pockets, and no bumps. I thank God for the grace he has given to me these past 2 years concerning this matter. If it had not been for God, I don't think I could have taken it. But God has always been right there for me and still is today. I am also looking forward to the day when I get to see his sister, Lillie again. God has that situation under control as well & I will rest in that also. God is good to me. Praise God.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Mom was blessed with her very

own Birthday hat! Isn't it adorable??

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Happy Birthday Mom & my brother Harvey!
They share the same birthday - pretty cool, huh?

Mom & Havey (second on the end) back in 1960

Monday, September 11, 2006
Good Monday Morning!
Remembering those who lost thier lives in the terrorist attacks that tried to destroy our country. God Bless the USA............so sad that our very own country men / women are destroying it from with in our own ranks. Trying to take away everything "God" about it & that is what made this nation to what it is today is because of the Godly principles our fore-fathers incorporated. But it is still the greatest nation around & I'm proud to be a part of it. Proud-er still to be saved, sanctified and unified with the greater nation that far surpasses this earthly nation. God has really done a wonderful work when he created the Salvation plan & allowed us Humans to partake of it. He knew just how to do it right...........all agree, say "I".................He doesn't choose the qualified, but qualifies the chosen. Praise God.

Ok, Ok, on a fun note, found this on another blog & wanted to share with you all the states I have been priviledged to visit, thanks to my truck driving hubby! Can you believe he will be gone for 4 years in just a few short months?? Wow, unbelievable, and so much has happenend during those 4 years..........told you I am rambling............Oma's Thoughts.........they spin out of control sometimes & don't make a bit of sense, but..........there you have it..........