Thursday, September 21, 2006
100 Things about me.
1. PTL, I've been saved going on 13 years
2. I am satisfied with the COG Congregation God has given me.
3. I am the mother of 4 children
4. I am "Oma" to 3.5 grandchildren
5. I've been at the same job now for 8 years
6. That is the longest I have ever been at the same job
7. I am the middle child of 7 children
8. I was a "daddy's girl" until #7 sibling came along, then I was shelved.
9. But I loved #7 anyways, she was my real live "baby doll"
10. I loved playing with my dollies, playing house, church
11. I used to put my baby brothers hair in "ponytails" so he could be my little girl while playing
12. I was hit by a car when I was 6 years old.
13. I was in the hospital unconscience for 3 days because of #12
14. Because of #12 I had a curve in my spine & was told by dr's I would never be able to have children full term, they were wrong.
15. My very first job was as a waitress at the "Dawg House"
16. I eloped at 18 years old (don't recommend it)
17. I had no clue what I was getting into!
18. I was in ROTC at Brewer & I hated it.
19. I loved my ART classes though.
20. My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. James was my favorite teacher in grade school.
21. Mrs. Battle & Mrs. Nance were my favorite teachers in college
22. I was this age when my dad passed away.
23. I do NOT like tornado's
24. I was in a tornado when I was 3 years old & still remember the fear I had.
25. wow, I'm only a quarter ways through this list & I'm running out of things to say.
26. I used to be a tractor trailer driver with my husband
27. Traveled 35 out of 50 states across the US.
28. I have been to Canada twice in my lifetime
29. I have been to Catalina Island
30. I have lived in IN, MI, MS, VA, AL in my lifetime
31. "in my lifetime" sounds like I'm really old, but I'm not.
32. I am addicted to computer games, particularly, ZUMA
33. I am also addicted to XANGA & BLOGGER
34. I waste entirely too much time on #33
35. I love to cross stitch & am pretty good at it.
36. I was this age when God made me a NEW CREATURE
37. I love to do puzzles
38. I have to keep busy doing something all the time
39. I feel like "sleeping" is wasting part of my day away
40. I am a hopeless Scrap Book-holic
41. I love to sew, just don't find enough time to do it because of #33, #35, & #37
42. I do not like Starbucks regular coffee (too strong)
43. I do like Starbuck's Chai Tea though
44. My brain is working too hard to think of 56 more items
45. I am probably boring you by now
46. I have been up in a hot air balloon before
47. Only went up about 20 feet though
48. Am scared of heights
49. I will be this age on my next birthday
50. I am single
51. I love to ride the amusement park rides, just not the REALLY HIGH ONES.
52. I have never been to Six Flags
53. Was supposed to go one time before I was married, but mom & dad wouldn't let me go.
54. My favorite hot wings place is Beauregards
55. I love Chinese food
56. I like Mexican food, Rosie's Cantina is my favorite for that
57. I love to read Christian Fiction
58. My favorite author at the moment is Beverly Lewis
59. I am a "book collector"
60. I also collect Lighthouses, hummingbirds, & dustbunnies
61. I am a "neat freak"
62. You should see my "cluttered house"
63. I cannot stand an unmade bed.
64. Should the bed not be made for some reason, I will make it entirely before I pull the covers back to get in.
65. If a kitchen is dirty or messy, I have to clean it before I can cook
66. Some people call me OCD
67. I am in love with my children & my grandchildren
68. I am still praying that I will one day soon get to see/hold my 2 oldest Grandchildren
69. I love my job
70. I like my co-workers
71. Sometimes I get really bored at work
72. I like flea markets & yard sales
73. I like the fall/winter seasons
74. I need to return to college & finish getting my bachelor's degree
75. I have never had a broken bone
76. I have had a broken heart
77. I love the color pink
78. The retro colors of brown, pink, and aqua are back and I am glad
79. I like my hair permed, looks better
80. I do not like big crowds
81. I do not like being the center of attention
82. I am shy (till you get to know me that is)
83. I am good about putting my foot in my mouth
84. Sometimes it is both feet
85. I get really nervous when I have to get up in front of a crowd.
86. Can you say "throw up" on #85?
87. I cannot read music notes
88. I play the piano some, just not very good at it.
89. I am getting happy here, almost done with this list.
90. I love hanging with my "girls & boy"
91. I thank God for having mercy on my 2 saved daughters
92. Am praying for my other 2 childern to be saved too.
93. I have an Amish heritage
94. Mom & Dad left the horse & buggy Amish just before I was born
95. I grew up "Old Order Amish" a.k.a. "Beachy Amish"
96. I was 17 years old before I ever had a "store bought" dress
97. I was made fun of in grade school because of my "amishness"
99. We were the only "Amish" kids in the entire school (K-8)
100. I made it & have thought of several more things to add, but maybe there will be a list later for 101 - 200 things about..................


Blogger Faith said...

what if we did this once a month, we might get to know each other even better. I love hanging out with you and the sibs too..Love the "ponytails" on, wonder which one it was???

Blogger Anita said...

Sis, you had him longer than I did!!!

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