Thursday, September 14, 2006
GOD IS SO GOOD...................

I want to praise God for the "little" things he does for me.
I got a wonderful gift Tuesday night - this picture of my grandson, Caleb that was taken just a few hours before.

Now, you might be asking "why is that so special - its just a picture" - well, let me tell you!

1. I haven't seen him / held him or his sister in almost 2 years.
(God did bless me with a 20 minute visit "stolen" when I saw him with his dad visiting his paternal grandparents.
2. He only lives about 10 miles from me
3. His Paternal grandparents live right across from the church I attend.

Now his mom, Niki is able to visit with him every 2 weeks, so she took my camera with her & was able to take some pictures for me & even 2 video's as he was playing. I love that little boy, though his is not little anymore - he is 9years old already! Time sure does fly, doesn't it.

I want to thank God for answering my prayer that I will be able to see him, touch him, hold him, and be the "Oma" to him I was meant to be, before sin entered into the picture and turned things into ugliness. He is slowly answering my prayers in bits & pieces till the puzzle is completly finished. So that is why I am thanking God for the "little" things he is giving me. The little things are just as precious to me because I know that God does all things well. And when He gets ready to put everything together & put in place - it will done right with no loop holes, no air pockets, and no bumps. I thank God for the grace he has given to me these past 2 years concerning this matter. If it had not been for God, I don't think I could have taken it. But God has always been right there for me and still is today. I am also looking forward to the day when I get to see his sister, Lillie again. God has that situation under control as well & I will rest in that also. God is good to me. Praise God.


Blogger FloraBeth said...

AMEN!!! PTL!!!!

Blogger Vanessa said...

Oh that is so cool! I am so happy! I wish I could see him!!

Blogger Brooke said...

Very Cool! ~

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