Thursday, August 17, 2006
Getting to know a bit about Me.
Why Not?
We Like The Basics
Birthday::Jan 14
Eye Color::Hazel
Hair Color::Brown sprinkled with Gray
Shoe Size::7.5
They Just Wanna Know
Car You Drive::yes
Shoes You Wore Today::Sandals
Your Ringtone::Streetwise
Last Song You Heard::Can't get enough of your love baby - by Barry White - YUKK
What You're Wearing::neon green shell & plaid shirt over it with a black skirt
Song::"Who Am I"
Food::Amish homecooked meal
Animal::bird - not an animal person
Flower::Calli Lilly
Book::Anything by Beverly Lewis
Board Game::Aggravation
Card Game::Dutch Blitz
Word::Love to hear the word "Oma"
Tradition::Buy something special just for me with my tax refund
Music With Your Best Friend::Jim Croce
Wild Card
What's Irking You?::People who visit my blog but don't sign it
What's The Last Thing You Do At Night?::Pray
Where Are Your Parents?::My mom is at home and my dad is in Heaven
What Are Your Plans For The Weekend?::Chillin - be with my family, maybe do some scrapbooking
When's The Last Time You Were Scared?::When I didn't hear from one of my children to let me know they were ok
Are You Good At Parking?::yes
Are You Missing Someone?::Yes
Do You Smoke?::NO - clean 12 years! PTL
Do You Drink?::NO - clean 12 years! PTL
Do You Cuss?::NO - clean 12 years! PTL
Do You Play Video Games?::Yes
Who's The Last One You ...
Texted::I think it was my sister
Called::Rodale Book Store to return a book
Hugged::Florabeth, my daughter
Kissed::Florabeth (on the cheek)
Now I'm Just Killing Time
How's Your Love Life?::non existent
Who Was Your Last Relationship With?::David
Did You Love Them?::Yes
Why Aren't You Still With Them?::He died
I'm Sorry, That Was Personal::Yes, it was
Do You ...
Play A Sport::Disc Golf
Like To Shop::Sometimes
Have Your Licensce::Yes
Lick Batteries::Now, that one is personal
The End
Any Last Words?::Ha Ha - who will be brave now??
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You've been totally Bzoink*d


Blogger Vanessa said...

Wow! Learn something new everyday! Love ya!

Blogger FloraBeth said...

Okay...ill do this when i get home tonight...

Blogger Brooke said...

HAHA! That was neat. You were brave!~

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