Friday, August 11, 2006
Happy Firday everyone
Some one is asking for an update on here - so I'm going to do my best to satisfy! LOL

I'm glad its Friday - you know I read some where that people who are always wishing for the weekend are wishing thier life away - makes sense, doesn't it? I know I always look forward to the weekend as I get tired of having to get up early and go to work everyday, and don't get me wrong I Love my job, Love what I do, Love the company I work for & the people I work with. But I also LOVE being in my home, enjoying the family God blessed me with & doing nothing if I don't want to, but I need to also enjoy the days inbetween those weekends as well. So, "Lord, help me to enjoy Monday through Friday just as much as I do Saturday and Sunday".

Now update on my life this week.

Pretty much routine till Wednesday - my niece, "Suddenly two became three" had her baby boy, Ryan James

Congratulations to the New mommy & daddy and the proud Poppa and Mimi!

Went to church as usual Wednesday night & left right after to go to the hospital to see the new one & took a hard tumble on the way to my car! Bummed up my arm & knee pretty good. The palms of my hands & right arm to the brunt of the fall. Today, it being the second day - I'm pretty sore needless to say, but I just thank God I didn't break a bone. I thought at first I might have broken my arm as it turned colors right away and there was an unusual knot on it, but it has since gone done - is just very tender. Praise God for his goodness.

Thursday evening I spent making cards, and finishing up a couple spots for a Scrapbooking swap I'm doing. Well one uploaded - blogger is not cooperating with me. But here is the general idea of what I've been up to.

So today I am leaving work early and driving down to Helena Alabama and 'crop' or scrapbook with one of my favorite yahoo group! So, that is what I've been up to!

God is good to me & I enjoy being saved and guess what - I'm looking forward to Sunday! YAY!!


Blogger Denna said...

I am glad you did not break your arm. It is so strange how these little babies can jump and fall and land any old way and laugh and be fine. When us older people take a fall it about kills us.

Blogger Anita said...

Aw, little man is CUTE!! Glad your arm is ok. :)

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