Monday, August 13, 2007
My Full week
Emma had her surgery Friday morning at Children's hospital in B'ham. She was such a brave little girl - didn't cry when they came in to prod her and then take her away to the OR - so proud of her. She came through the surgery with flying colors, but then spiked a fever Saturday & Sunday - Dr came in this morning & according to the charts the audiologists did not put the tubes in her ears as planned. So there might be an ear infection going on. She has a very hard time eating warm food, so am encouraging mommy to put all baby food jars in the fridge & feed to her cold - treat it like when you have your tonsils out - cold feels better than hot. Hopefully she will get to come home tomorrow.

Sunday - we were blessed with the privilege of seeing Caleb! Due to mommy be out of town, daddy agreed to let Oma & aunts come visit. So it went well. We were able to take his photo album (magnetic pages - this scrapbookers horror) and take all the pictures and place into a new album for him. It was a pleasure to be able to spend time with my favorite grandson. Aug 28th we have the court date to revise the visitation! Am looking for good things to happen there.

Sunday was Poppi's Queen's birthday (mouthful, huh?) so we were invited up after church to celebrate it with her & the family. First time they had seen Florabeth since her weight loss & were surprised at the resemblance of these two. I do believe they ARE related!