Wednesday, July 25, 2007
A glimpse into my world
Just wanted to share with you some pictures of my work week. I too wanted to see how the pictures on my new camera . My other one was accidently dropped & the lens broke. Anyways this is where I spend my day..........

This is the East Tower - the lake is between this building and my building.

This is to the left of my desk - my back is against the beautiful lake............

This is my credenza - my soothing lava lamp, lighthouse fountain - notice my cool neon clock on the wall - gift from my son on Christmas.

This is my bookcase - supply cabinet for my guys (Engineers)

And this is what I do. The CD's are reports that we maintain for compliance with NEBS, Safety and Telecom standards. When I first started the job in 2001 we had over 15 (5 drawer) filing cabinets full of reports - I've since then converted most of these into electronic versions and worked with our labs to make everything electronic. It was a big task, but with God's grace I've been able to do it. I thank God for my job on a daily basis - I know he gave it to me - and the perks to go with it. Beautiful edifice, landscaping, scenery, and great atmosphere to work in. Not having been prepared or striving to be in the work force / corporate world - God knew the future and knew what I needed. So I thank God for blessing me with my job.

Now, I must run........later...............

Sunday, July 15, 2007
Anitas Surprise Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Anita

The Happy Couple

Yesterday was Anita's birthday party. Peter had been planning it for weeks. We got there (Beauregards) a little late and before we could get in the door - they were already cruisen the parking lot! So it wasn't quite the surprise he was hoping for. But needless to say we still had a good time. Had a sweet little waitress who did her very best. So we were happy.

Here are some photos to share!
Here David & Peter goofing off. Savannah LOVED the cake!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Scrapbooking Accomplishments
Here is the retirement album I made for my boss. Let me know what you think! There are 51 pages here - the majority of them I had to do in 3 1/2 days when I got back from Lakeland! I camped out at Anita's house till I got it done. She did a few of the layouts & then did the majority of my title printouts. Was very glad when it was done.

Monday, July 09, 2007
Happy Birthday Jonathan
Reading how Jen feels about her oldest celebrating his 13th birthday - a day later this is how I feel about my youngest celebrating his 23rd birthday today.
My dad didn't live long enough to see my 23rd birthday and sad to say, Jonathan's dad didn't live long enough to see his son's 23rd birthday - so I feel very priveledge to see my son's 23rd birthday. He has taught me many things in his lifetime & will teach me many more.

Jonathan is very talented, smart, funny, loving, caring, tender hearted, very protective, is a fabulous cookand an excellent daddy - I'm proud to call him my son.
Happy Birthday Jonathan - I love you.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Apologies out there world
Been a LONG time since I've update - a lot going on - so will try to give you a short synopsis since my last post.

Went to Lakeland - enjoyed a wonderful campmeeting - recieved an increase - much encouraged to go on in this race.

Left Friday afternoon & drove over to Atmore Ala where we spent 2 nights with mom's first cousin - Florabeth & Kimi met us there & while mom visited with her cousins on Saturday - the rest of us went to Gulf Shores to spend the day - it was scorching hot out there - so we tried to limit out time out in the sun - needless to say we still came home with a burn. It was the first time for Savannah & her mommy, Kimi to be at the beach - little Savannah couldn't get enough of it, she wasn't a bit scared of the water & kept running away from us to head back into it. Oma came away with a few new grey hairs on that one. But it was rewarding to watch both of their excitement.

Got home late Sunday night & tried to refresh & get ready for a serious week of scrap booking. I had been appointed to create a scrapbook for one of our VP's that retired and I had 3 and a half days to finish it. So I went in to work for a few hours Monday morning - got permission from the boss & went home gathered all my scrappy supplies, pictures, laptop and headed up to Anita's to camp out till I got it done. Talk about frantically putting pages together - whew, it was a lot tougher than I had anticipated. I have no problem doing kids pages, or girlie pages, but doing an entire MALE scrapbook - that took a LOT of thought - you can't just splash flowers all over the pages to fill the empty spots! But thank the Lord - he helped us & we got it all done. I turned in 64 hours last week alone! Am I now sick of scrapping as some of my family hoped I would be, not a chance. Am inspired now to do my OWN pages! It was well recieved.

We've been working on the craft room this past weekend - getting close to be able to bring the stuffs home & set it all up - so cannot wait for that to happen..........

This past Sunday I was able to visit with Caleb again - he brought his 'picture' book and going through it we found a lot of pictures when he & Lillie were little - pictures that Tausha thought she would never see again - so we got special permission to go back in 2 weeks & bring the printer & laptop with us - to scan in the pictures & then Caleb wants to scrapbook! How cool is that! My little grandson is not little anymore! Time sure does fly. Here are some pictures of the three grands that were together Sunday.



Emma Grace

Then Monday I got a phone call revealing who would be my guest for the evening! My cousin Loretta was on her way to Florida and decided to stop in a visit with us. I kept a pretty good secret - mom didnt' have a clue who was coming - bout drove her batty all day. So she was pleasantly surprised when Loretta finally got here. Go to Anita's blog to find out what all we did. We enjoyed our guest very much.

So, today, its back to every day catch up type of stuffs. Tomorrow will be low keyed, not sure what all is happening - would LOVE to get the room done so that Saturday we can actually USE our room. But HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to you all! Be safe everyone.

Till next time America.........................