Wednesday, July 25, 2007
A glimpse into my world
Just wanted to share with you some pictures of my work week. I too wanted to see how the pictures on my new camera . My other one was accidently dropped & the lens broke. Anyways this is where I spend my day..........

This is the East Tower - the lake is between this building and my building.

This is to the left of my desk - my back is against the beautiful lake............

This is my credenza - my soothing lava lamp, lighthouse fountain - notice my cool neon clock on the wall - gift from my son on Christmas.

This is my bookcase - supply cabinet for my guys (Engineers)

And this is what I do. The CD's are reports that we maintain for compliance with NEBS, Safety and Telecom standards. When I first started the job in 2001 we had over 15 (5 drawer) filing cabinets full of reports - I've since then converted most of these into electronic versions and worked with our labs to make everything electronic. It was a big task, but with God's grace I've been able to do it. I thank God for my job on a daily basis - I know he gave it to me - and the perks to go with it. Beautiful edifice, landscaping, scenery, and great atmosphere to work in. Not having been prepared or striving to be in the work force / corporate world - God knew the future and knew what I needed. So I thank God for blessing me with my job.

Now, I must run........later...............


Blogger Tanya said...

Wow, what a gorgoeous site you have there on the lake! Beautiful surroundings for your work place. Like you, I am so thankful for my job! :)

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