Sunday, May 13, 2007
Trust everyone will have a very happy Mother's Day today.

I am blessed to still have my Mom with me - I know some are not as fortunate as I am, so when I count my blessings, I count that one twice.

I am blessed this Mother's Day. I have a good life, wonderfully saved, sanctified & unified in God's Kingdom. Am healthy, no, NOT wealthy, BUT, GOD is supplying ALL of my NEEDS. This week He blessed me with one of my WANTS. I didn't really start out to get this right now, was only 'looking' but then this sorta fell in my lap & I prayed about it, and God worked out the details on it so I was able to purchase it.

2003 Ford Explorer.
Now, my question is this - is it a TRUCK or is it a CAR? I know its a SUV - but I don't want to be referring to it as a SUV as that sounds rather ODD to me. So I want to refer to it as a TRUCK, so I guess that question answered itself. Now I want to ask for your help in selecting a name for my new TRUCK. I gave Florabeth's truck the perfect name, so I can't use "JAKE". But, I need something just as strong sounding. Can you help me out?



Blogger baSfsoGp said...
Blogger Faithypooh79 said...

how about STAN or HERB

Blogger Poppi's Window... said...

How 'bout Bucko?

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