Monday, March 26, 2007
My weekend...........
Wow, was it ever packed! But good. Saturday morning started with a little shopping trip to Tuesday morning to browse ideas for the house - found some really nice lampshades & some cool shades for Savannah! Then came home & had plans to get the back porch organized, and therefore would get some boxes out of the dining room we are still stepping around. Florabeth was going to cut the yard and here we go. The back porch was put on the shelf & I got busy out in the shed instead and we (me, flo, jay, and linny) cleaned it out & the yard and made some junk collectors very happy! :)
In the meantime, my brother, John (Ryan's Mimi) and a friend, Darren and Jay came over and took the garage door down & proceeded to put in a wall and a door for a scrapbook/computer/craft/family room for us! YAY, the worked SO HARD and it turned out beautiful. God gave them a gorgeous day to do it in as well. THANK YOU GUYS - IT LOOKS GREAT. Being the scrapbooker that I am, I nearly always take pictures of events as this & it had actually crossed my mind to do so, then I got sidetracked and the thought went away, sorry guys, but I still want to give you credit - did you know that you can actually do a scrapbook page WITHOUT PICTURES? UH HUH, you can. And I will! Just give me time...........I'm glad that we are blessed by their willingness to help us. Although their family is very busy, they are always there when the need arises and it is appreciated very much.
Then after all this was done, Faith & David came in & invited us out to eat with them.........we ended up at OBryan's in Madison for some good food & fellowship.
Sunday morning, we got up (very slowly & carefully) we were sore from head to toe & even discovered some muscles we had forgotten we had! Went to church and had good services and then the girls and I along with Savannah went to meet Tausha & Emma to see Caleb! Had a good time with them. Came home & took a nap & went back to church and enjoyed testimonies/praise/song service. God gives to us just exactly what we need when we need it doesn't he? We came away from church with our spirits very much refreshed and ready to face another week living for Him. We ended up meeting some of the MC peoples at Danoto's and again enjoyed good fellowship!
So, now I'm back at work & looking forward to some great services in MC this week - they are having a (how do I say this?) revival on the fly (spontaneous, not planned) maybe? Anyways, church is always good & I'm looking forward to it.


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