Thursday, February 15, 2007
another updation

Wow, don't know what is up with me lately - been blogging a lot. Hope you all aren't tired of me. Wish you would leave a comment or two to let me know that you were here!
Ok, so I had little Emma for a little while last night. First time since her surgery! So of course had to take pictures of her! So here is a before picture and a current one! Wow, what a difference! And she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Isn't it amazing? This was last night in church, she wasn't feeling all chipper & had just woke up from a nap & wasn't sure what was going on! Wish you could have seen the expression she gave Jen when she snap the picture of her! Priceless.

Now, I want to share a photo of a freshly bathed Savannah! Of course I had mess with her hair, but love the smile! God has definetly blessed me with some beautiful children & grandchildren!


Blogger Faith said...

is it me or did she seem happier before the surgery?

Blogger JeniBeans said...

well, it's too early to say that, faithi, unless you're being funny. She was smiling at me the other day and was smiling at you last night at church, you know. LOL

She does look GREAT! They did a really good job!

Love that picture of S.! That girl simply cracks me UP! Did you make her mad by messing with her hair like that or what? LOL

Blogger Denna said...

She does look tired in the new picture. Looks great though. She has been through a tough time. She will be happy again. Thanks for sharing.

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