Thursday, February 08, 2007
Updat-tion is here
Sorry about the long span between posts, just have been so busy of late & blogger is not one of my top priorities right now! What have I been up to you wonder? Well..........

1. Getting mom's house remodeled had NOT been a snap up job! Putting in the flooring & fixing things we have run into several snags along the way.

a. found wood that has rotted from the window down to the floor - who ever put up the siding didn't put flashing around the window casings, so it has leaked & over the years has rotted the wood away.

b. son Jonathan was a real trooper & fixed it for us, put in new wood into it to replace it and has done a smash up fantastic job & it was his very first time to do anything like that, so I am double proud of him! Thanks Son.

Next we get to do my bedroom & I'm sure the wall board will need to be replaced as well as the studs under the window! So, am hoping that we can get a few crew together & do that one all in one day as I'm not looking forward in sleeping in a room with a HUGE A MONGUS hole in the wall! Then we will paint it & go from there!

I have to be out of my apt by the 22nd of this month & guess most of what is there will be going into my storage area for the time being. Then the girls will have to be out of thier place by the 1st of March, so needless to say, we have NO time right now for ANYTHING extra! YIKES.....I hate it when I put things off till the very last minute, ya know? I'm sure that I am not the only one who does this.......or am I??

Emma is doing good, will be keeping her on Wed so mom & daddy can go out for V-day! Haven't kept her much in the last month or so due to being so busy........I just want it to be ALL done where I can get my life back!!!!!

I am even forgoing a crop in Helena tomorrow night due to all this hoop-la! And I have an all day seminar to go to tomorrow for my job!!!! Its a finance & accounting for NON financial people class! So hopefully it will prep me for that last dreaded accounting class at Calhoun I've been putting off for a year now! GOTTA get back in the swing of things for my BS degree! Have worked really hard on it & am close just gotta pick it back up again. The rest of my classes are all at Athens State - so I NEED to get busy. That is my goal for the fall, to return!

Ok, now that I have talked & if you've read to the bottom of this - you did good, now leave me a comment! LOL


Blogger JeniBeans said...

k, my comment is that your clock is still wrong. LOL

I know you've all been so busy. It's going to be nice when it's all done, huh? Then you can relax for a while! Just in time to start studying for school right? LOL

Blogger Rebecca said...

Aunt Lori, thanks for the updation! I still read your blog! (when I have time!) It was good to see you guys Sun. night! Stay encouraged, I love you!

Blogger JennV said...

We soo missed you at Helena last night! Thanks for the "updation"! Sounds like fixing my house. It takes us six hours to do Anything around here simply because of the setbacks of having an old house. Hopefully you all will be able to get everything done in time! Take care!

Blogger Anita said...

I can't wait for it all to be done too!! Hope you can get a crew together to fix your floor so Peter and I can come finish installing the flooring. Next time I'll wear a mask when using the chop saw so I don't get sick!!! Then it'll be your turn to come help us with our house!!

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