Friday, January 26, 2007
Emma update

Emma is doing great! Her surgery lasted about 4 hours and was in recovery for about 5 - 6 hours waiting on a room to be vacated! She is already cooing a bit and is trying to smile, bless her heart! Makes my mouth/heart hurt so bad for her! She is so beautiful & is such a little trooper! They are taking her IV out tonight as well and should be ready to come home tomorrow. She has to wear little soft but weighted splints on both her little arms so she can't get her hands in her mouth - Please pray for us as I am sure that will be frustrating not only for her, but for us to care for her & knowing we can't do anything about it..... I was going to upload before and after pics, but am borrowing a computer & blogger is NOT being cooperative with me. So I will do my best to get an after picture on her for you!


Blogger Tanya said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well! I'll be hoping for a fast and easy recovery.

Blogger JennV said...

Wow what a difference a day makes! Poor sweet girl! Keeping you all in my prayers!


Blogger Alabamabrands said...

She's looking great.
We'll keep praying!

Blogger Lindsey said...

Dear Lori, I just caught up on your blog the last 4 months or so. Whenever I see baby Emma, I find tears in my eyes ~ not for her pain, but for her beauty. For any baby, journey into life is hard; for babies (like mine, like your gd Emma) who start life with obstacles, well, it only makes them stronger. Spoil her like there's no tomorrow. I can tell you're a wonderful grandmother and mother ~ you have a beautiful family. Many blessings and prayers for you, and today, especially for Baby Emma.

Blogger Dawn said...

That's great that the surgery went well. A speedy recovery and that everything goes okay! Keeping you all in my thoughts!!

Blogger Brooke said...

I am so glad that everything went well! We need a new update! I also wanted to say Happy Late Birthday, lady! I wanted to comment ON your birthday but something happened like our internet had issues or something. So it's really late getting here. :)

Blogger Val said...

What a sweetheart...I hope she will not be in a lot of pain.

RYC: my connection is that I still am "one." :o) Feel free to contact me at vhmartin72 at aol dot com.

Blogger Perfectly Aged said...

Sis. Lori,
I had no idea, I will be praying for her and for all of you all. Especially you, Oma. She is a beauty. But I know you are probably hurting more than she is...
All my love,
Sis. G.
PS Is Tausha your Niki?

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