Tuesday, February 20, 2007
ANOTHER Updation.................
I thought this was cool & wanted to share with you. I checked on Snopes & its all true
I have always been fasinated by ships - don't really know why. As a teenager - I had a model to put together and it has just hooked me since.
Mom has started a tradition that when her children turn 50 we get to choose anywhere (within reason) we want to go & I'm seriously considering going to Mobile Al to visit USS ALABAMA and Bellingrath Gardens.

Note: Can ya tell I just found out how to do the hyperlinks? Cool huh?
Well hopefully I will be getting my new computer this weekend. I won't really get to play with it yet, as we are in the middle of moving (UGH). I think this is the worst move yet. So much extra stuff is in my apartment that doesn't belong there & so much to decided what goes, what goes to who & who gets what & what goes into storage (a lot of whats, huh), see, told you its messed up. But will be glad, so glad, when its finished.

Well enough rambling...........until next time America.........;))


Blogger JeniBeans said...

I've been to the U.S.S. Alabama. It was a VERY cool trip! YOu can walk all through it and everything. You should go see it!

Blogger Rebecca said...

Sounds cool enough to me! Thanks for the comment you left me! I had given you a really long comment the other day, but for some reason it didn't go through..Oh well, I think you're a great aunt, and I love you very much. I need to come see you guys sometime! Love you!
P.S. Did you finish "Levi's Will"?

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