Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Blogs & Postings
Since I enjoy reading everyone's blogs & staying in "tune" with others & posting comments I thought I would go ahead and set on blog thingy up meself since some of them don't do the anonymous things, it prompted me to create a blog - so here I am!
I enjoyed Campmeeting very much this year. Its always great to see old faces and new faces as well - lets us know that God is still in control & still giving people a call! Wonderful. Feel so small in this great big plan of His. And to be numbered among the saints of God is priviledge.
We had a good trip home - no mishaps & very little rain to come through & what we did have (rain) was intense, but God helped us through it.
Was nice to visit with my brother & his family last night & to see some of the saints that had come over to visit with Vanessa! Am so thankful that she is doing well & praying for a speedy recovery for her.
So, here are my ramblings for the time being.
Until next time..............

Oh yeah, if you happen to read my blog - leave me a note & let me know you were here.