Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Good Tuesday everyone
Been a few days since I last posted. Not a lot is happening to shout about in my thoughts lately. Been sorta not feeling to swooft of late, but that too shall pass. Was able to go to B'ham to a crop on Saturday, but since the locals didn't show, didn't have anything to write home about. Mom, Anita & I would have saved us $$ and been able to do it at my abode & been a site better off! But we live & learn, don't we?

Have been enjoying the beautiful color display God provided for us this year. Sad to say I didn't get one picture taken of it though, but the colors were very vibrant this year!
Little Emma is gaining these days, hard to believe she is already a month old! She is at the Dr's as I'm typing this in - sure she has gained weight, she is still like holding a baby doll! But, as tiny as she is - she has a good set of lungs & she will let us know in no uncertain terms that she is NOT a happy camper at times. And here I was all worried that I might not hear her in the middle of the night! LOL ***Note - Niki just called me and Emma has gained 2Lbs & grown 2 inches this month! She is now the weight her mommy was when she was born - 7lbs & 7oz and is 20.5 inches long***

Well, I don't have internet access at home anymore - not sure if I will continue this self sacrifice or not - it is sorta nice to be able to get other things done at home, however, its also nice to go to the net when I have something that I need to look up right NOW. But they messed up on my bill - I paid & they said that the bank rejected my payment - yet the bank never received it, so just not sure what I will do............about it.......should I or should I NOT get it back on?? I can post from work & read everyone's from work so far, but can't see all the pretty pictures and all. What should I do folks - help me out here........
Toodles till next time........


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Just cook up some supper and call us to help ya eat it. Gilly

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