Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Pictures of Princess Emma
People have been asking me to post more pictures of my Grand-daughter, Emma Grace. So with much pondering & praying I will do so. She was born with a cleft Pallet & a cleft lip. Having no forewarning through ultrasounds and such, it was a shock to our family. We are blessed with having her in our family. She is a beautiful little girl & God has already done much for her. She had breathing problems right after birth so they rushed her to the special care nursery, then on one of her feedings she aspirated & got a little milk in her lungs & they decided to insert an IV in her instead of feeding to make sure that she didn't lose ground & give her little body more time to heal. At first we were told she was missing the full pallet, then it was only half a pallet, and then her peditrician told us that it was only a small strip in the center that was missing. They are concerned about her hearing however. They are saying that she could be missing the whole back part of the pallet that somehow is connected into the ear canals & that is affecting her hearing. We will find out more tomorrow. We are sheduled to have her at the Children's Hospital in Birmingham in the morning to meet with the team of surgeon's that will do the repair work on her. So if you would, please remember her in your prayers. They are telling us it could take many surgeries to repair her, but we serve a heavenly Father who does still work miracles in our day.
This the picture of her & her mommy in the nursery.

And a closer one.


Blogger JeniBeans said...

Welcome baby Emma! Big huggies to you. I can't wait to meet you in person you tiny widdle thing!

Blogger Brooke said...

Aw! Give little emma loves! ~

Blogger Jamie said...

She is beautiful! There are amazing things that can be done to help her, god will take care of her! I'll keep her in my prayers!

Blogger Anita said...

She's beautiful. Can't wait to get over all this crud so I can finally meet her.

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