Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Happy Wednesday
Stress & upset - we all deal with it differently. If you have NO stress or are never upset, then you are truly blessed. However, living in our world today I have yet to find someone that has not had both or at least on of them in thier life time.

Stress according to Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary, is Mental, Emotional, or physical tension, strain or distress.

Some people go into a depression, some excercise, some sleep, some shut down & others become unrealistic. I clean in a frenzy when I get upset or am stressed about something.

Now, my house is all clean! :-)

How do YOU deal with it??


Blogger FloraBeth said...

I wish it helped me to clean...LOL

Blogger Brooke said...

Um...Well...Maybe I pray. A lot.
Then try to deal with whatever is making me stressed out.
If I can't change my situation (or someone else's) then I focus on what I can. Like now I need to STUDY like a MAD woman! Luvs~

Blogger Omaloriann said...

I can't believe I forgot to put in this post that I pray while I am cleaning! That is a given & just figured everyone would know that!

Blogger Faith said...

I think I just have lots of energy when I am stressed or stressed and nervous about something. I get really hyper and talk an awful lot. Just ask Sis Z. I don't think she recognized me on our way to and from MCD in Knoxville.

Blogger Perfectly Aged said...

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Blogger Perfectly Aged said...

Stress, ummm, let me think? I thought stress was synonymous with life. I don't know one without the other.
I luv to escape,prayer, a book,a friend, the puter, a car ride, anything but facing it head on, until there is no more room left and I am staring it in the face. YUCK! Then and only then, do I deal with it.

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