Friday, October 13, 2006
Praise the Lord
Baby Princess Emma is coming home today! And her very first stop will be at Oma's house! I'm so excited.......

Has been a busy busy busy week for me. Glad things are happening though in a good way, so not complaining, its just been a really hard week. With Emma in the hospital and then trying to work everyday, then other issues coming up out of my control - just not been easy. BUT I am YET SAVED &SANCTIFIED, so no complaints. God has been & is good.
Leaving this evening to go to Stearns KY to ride a steam engine train for 3 hours to celebrate my sister Kathyrn's 50th birthday. She was 50 last year, but we didn't do anything at that time as she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do & then life happens & it is put off. We will be spending the night somewhere between Chattanooga & KY line somewhere. Should be interesting - am looking forward to it.

Princess Savannah will be going with us - so I will make sure to take plenty of pictures so that I can scrapbook it.


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