Monday, October 23, 2006
Happy Monday!
Wow, you talk about a fast & encouraging week!

1. Great wonderful revival at Morgan City
2. Was able to go every night!
3. Very encouraged
4. Very blessed
5. Good news on my Princess Emma - only 2 surgeries needed - 1 at 3mo to repair the lip & 1 at 10 mo to fix the pallet! God is good. Still holding on for good things there.
6. God blessed me this week with a finacial blessing.
7. Had my Princess Savannah all weekend - she got a new toothy - can you say "Fussy"?? bless her heart - she was feeling some better today before she went back to her mommy for a few days.
8. Got the crud over the weekend - thats NOT so good, but still have joy down in my heart.
9. Met with O.O. Town family yesterday for lunch - that was good.
10. Have Mt. Washmore waiting at home for me - and the hurricane "life" messed up my house!
11. Have lots to do this week with clean up.

I really did enjoy the revival & it was so good to be there with my girls again. God is good.

So back to the board I go to get some more work done here today before I can go home........



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