Friday, November 03, 2006
Happy Friday!
Life has been just pluggin along at the McCleskey household. Just been busy taking care of business & keep my home fires burning! Hoping for a great weekend - want to can some apple butter & get a bit of sewing done too, but will have both grand-daughters Saturday, so, just not sure how much of that i will get done! But "A New Song & TooBusyForABlog" are coming over so perhaps they will help keep them occupied, ya think? *wink wink*

I want to share my Thursday devotions with you. It comes from one of those little daily devotional book, but its very good & made me stop and think a bit harder. The song "Life is Easy, when your up on the Mountain" comes to mind. Here we go...........

Life looks rosy to many people. Their work is fulfilling. The house or apartment doesnt need repair. Their bank account shows a surplus. Family members are enjoying good health. Friends are loyal.
Good times, however can be dangerious. The comforst and pleasures of this world can become so important that we give God little or no place in our thoughts. Prosperity can quickly lea to complacency.
God knew this would happen to His people when they entered the Promised Land. So he warned them not to forget the source of their blessings (Due 6:12). He instructed them:
  • vs 13 to fear the Lord and serve Him
  • vs 14 not to go after other Gods
  • vs 16 not to tempt God
  • vs 17 to keep the commandments
  • vs 18 to do what is right and to do good

Historians tell us that religious fervor usually declines during prosperous times. But if we will learn from Israels experience and heed the Lord's instruction, this need not happen to us.

Lets be careful that we don't forget the Lord - especially when all looks bright! - Herb Vander Lugt


Have a great day everyone!


Blogger JeniBeans said...

Wow. good thoughts.
brings to my mind how many people 'found God' after 9/11.

it takes a crisis like that for the world to cry out to God.


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