Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Quick Updation
Congratulations go out to Faith & David!

Their big day is October 13th.

We are busy, busy, busy. Getting things together & fittings, and all the other things involved in creating a wedding. Next time I volunteer to make the dresses -shoot me please! LOL

Just got back from a trip to our Yoder Family reunion in Nappanee Indiana. Tausha & Emma surprised me & came up with my sister, Beth - so totally wasn't expecting her to come up but was ever so glad they did. Weather was absolutely gorgeous! Wish we could have brought some down here with us! So looking forward to fall.....what little fall we DO have that is! Was fun being with family for the whole weekend. For Saturday lunch (Reunion) then counted over 135 people. This is the first Cousins Reunion on my mom's side. There were a LOT of cousins that weren't even able to make it, can you imagine how many people it would have been had all 100 FIRST COUSINS shown up and brought their families! That's a whole lot of folks!

So, synopsis is - we are alive & kicking (just not too high these days)


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