Tuesday, January 22, 2008
My little treasures
I had Emma & Savannah this past Saturday basically by myself since Florabeth had to work in the AM and mom went off with my brother Harvey to do some shopping. I don't normally have the girls by myself because they are so jealous over each other - if I hold one other cries until I hold her too! Anyways, back to my story.

I gave them both a bath and as I got Emma out of the tub - Savannah started crying because I didn't get her out too! Sorry sweetie - but only have 2 arms! I got them both dressed - diapered one and then the other, tights - check - onesies - check - jumper - check. Anita had given me one that she had for one of her little ones she kept and didn't know that I already had one for Savannah. So it worked out perfect!
They were so cute - they played very well together which is not the norm either for them. Mommy came then around 2 and picked Emma up.
Then we went on down to Hartselle for our annual seafood dinner at Kathryn's. We were pleasantly surprised to see her son, Clifton & family.

And also Floyd & Lois B from Macon surprised David for his birthday and joind us too! We had a great time.


Seafood Pictures - compliments of my sister


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