Wednesday, December 26, 2007
God blessings.......
All the family was able to join us at Kathryn and Davids house in Hartselle for Christmas eve - except poor David. Kathryn had to take him to the ER late Sunday evening due to what was believed to be a gall bladder attack. They admitted him around 4am. We were scheduled to gather and eat around 5 or so - so our brother Harvey went to the hospital to see if they would release David so that he could come home and enjoy in the festivities - needless to say, they wouldn't let him come home. So we ate the turkey in his honor. :)

We had a wonderful time - I do believe everyone enjoyed themselves that were able to be there. As I was watching mom - I was thinking of how she felt being surrounded by all 7 of her children

and her children's children and thier children. I am sure she felt just like I did on Christmas day with 4 of my children, and my 2 son's in law and 3 of my 4 grandchildren, my mom and my sister Anita and her husband. BLESSED.

(Go to Florabeth's site for more pictures - we enjoyed music and singing with my talented family)

God has been good to me another year, praise God. I've not had to sin one time since last Christmas and I got to enjoy Christmas with my mom & six siblings and then my 4 children and thier families - David's mom, Sister Dorothy came and joined us for lunch. Then in the evening my brother (and NEW brother in Christ) Gilbert and family came down and enjoyed a good Scrabble game and other games, good snack foods and just enjoyed a wonderful evening on Christmas night. Again, BLESSED.


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We are a very blessed family. Have a Happy New Year!

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