Sunday, October 28, 2007
Yesterday was Savannah's 2nd Birthday! She was so adorable opening her gifts.
I took a video of her this year & as I was showing someone at church this morning - a little fellow was missing from his family's car. As the dad came in to 'fetch' him - we proceeded to tell him, "I wanna watch the video" his dad told him 'oh, she will put it on YOU TUBE, then you can see it." So with a bit of encouragement I uploaded it this afternoon & thought why not 'share' it with you all. I just hope I did it right. Enjoy.

My mom, 'Grandma' gave her some cute little 'dress up shoes' - she is a 'shoe' person, always wearing someones shoes - doesn't matter whose they are or how big - she gets the flip flops exactly in the right toes too! I found her a cute set of cookware - complete with all the right 'tools' to go withe them - and they are metal - shined to look like stainless steel - the little stock pot - frying pays, small pots and all - she is a great 'cooker' too! Viki found a little kitchen set a while back after cleaning it up we put it in our craft room - so while do whatever we do in the craft room - she is always cooking for us. As I was uploading the video - she made a pot of 'noolnols' for me! Interpreted, that means "NOODLES" - too too cute. So here is a video of her and Caleb cooking in her kitchen with her new dishes.

She loves her 'birthday cake' - which means her birthday day.

(I couldn't get the last video to work - so I posted the link instead. I think I got too anxious & didn't wait for it to process :(


Blogger Poppi's Window... said...

Updation ain't automatic ya know.
It requires YOU to put r on the page.

Blogger Poppi's Window... said...

The first thing I thought of was Daddy. But I reckon on your other statement ... No brain, No pain...huh?

Blogger lori and lar said...

What an adorable video. She is a little cutie pie. She was really enjoying those shoes wasn't she? Two of my girls were like her about shoes. Too cute! Happy Birthday to Savannah! They grow up too quick don't they? Makes me sad.

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