Monday, December 11, 2006
Happy Monday!
Wow, what a fast weekend we had. Cleaning, sorting, a job that never ends seems like.

ok, so I burned my fingers real good - the roast turned out great, but my fingers are well done! Went to see our nurse here at work today & she confirmed a really bad burn that could get infected should the blisters pop & bacteria get in there. so she bandaged them up good. Have that Michael Jackson look - gloves with fingers cut out! LOL - Anyways, very difficult to type and it be legible for you to read, so will leave you with a picture to humor you so you won't miss my wit-isms too bad.

BTW - Emma is up to 9lbs and 10oz! - Told you all she is growing like a weed! LOL


Blogger Ryan's Mimi said...

Sorry to hear about your burn. I trust that it will be better soon. It seems like when we can't use our hands in a normal manner, we need them all the more. Have a wonderful one!

Blogger Faith said...

hahahaha love that funny!! What a big girl she is getting to be.

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