Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday we had an interesting service - the lights went out just before Sunday School was over - but the emergency light came on and that gave us enough light to not be 'scared' we have no windows in the building anymore save the ones in the front doors. Thank God it was a pretty sunny day! We sang our congregational songs with a guitar and then took prayer requests - by the time we got down to pray - the lights came on. So you could say "We SAW the light" LOL

Last evenings service was good too - what we do to our body - we are what we eat - God wants us to prosper in both soul and body - so what are we feeding our bodies? You know they have to last us a lifetime - how are we treating it? Very thought provoking sermon. I know I will be more careful then ever what goes into my body. Facing the issues I have right now makes it even more real & truth be told can get down right scarey. But I am looking for good results of the biopsy this week. God knows just how much I can handle. So if you can say a prayer, I would most certainly appreciate it.

Now, for today, I was able to go to work all day - put in a 10 hour day and then came home, got little bit - took her home & since it was just mom and me - we went out to Rolo's for dinner and then got a call from my sister & we met her at the new eatery here in town, Frizzles, and had a good frozen custard, and then home. Its been a very LOONNNNG day for me. I should be in bed now so I guess I will sign off and hit the hay!


Blogger Anita said...

Yikes on being left in the dark - glad it was a sunny day, too. It's SO dark in the sanctuary without lights!

I too can't wait until your issues are resolved. I miss hanging out with you. :(

Love you. Get your rest, Sis! If you need me to help you comp, let me know.

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