Monday, October 27, 2008

My granddaughter Savannah turns 3 years old today. I made her a 'chocolate' dress for her birthday & of course had to scour the stores to find her some 'chocolate' shoes to go with. Then I had her Great-grandma to make her baby doll a matching dress! Too cute.

She was very proud of her 'chocolate' dress

Her gifts

Her 'cake' was all cupcakes put together to form this "Pooh" beehive - it was with whipped icing and had clear edible sprinkles on it so it appeared wet. It was delicious & some people wore the icing very well.

Today is her actual birthday, but since I have her on the weekend we decided to do her party on Sunday. She wanted to go to El Camino (her version is "EL CAMITO") for lunch and then we gathered at our house for cake and gifts. We missed Emma and Caleb.

Happy birthday Savannah - Oma love you 'as wide as the ocean, and as deep as the sea'.


Blogger AlabamaBrands said...

Very very cute! Great job!
I've been doing a little sewing around here myself

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