Saturday, October 18, 2008
My sister Beth brought over her grand-daughters to play with Savannah - no matter how old they are (one will be 13 this Saturday) they love to play 'kitchen'. Tonight they had a 'gourmet' meal, one was a chef - other was a server and then they had to have 2 'customers'. They played rather well together - but only after i threatened them - heehee. I think they got what I meant!

Here are some pics of them all playing - forget the cleaning part - they were too busy destroying it all, so I just said forget it for right now....

Chloe` ....... Mia...........Lilly.............Savannah

Mia & Chloe`


Blogger Danielle said...

what beautiful girls!!!

i tagged you! go read my blog for the info. :)

Blogger reber said...

Chloe looks alot like Beth.

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