Monday, July 17, 2006
A Monday is a Monday and is a Monday again
The day started out not very promising.

I will look for the good in it as Bro HKG would say.
And there is good in it, here are just a few of my blessings.

1. I am Saved, Sanctified & Unified with the Body of Christ

2. Am alive & am in good health

3. Have a wonderful family (and a newly saved Daughter)

4. Have wonderful Grandchildren

5. Have a good job with a wonderful boss
The list could go on & on & on, but I will stop now.

So why with all these blessings am I even thinking that its not a good day??

I woke up this morning & got ready for work & went out & had a flat tire. Wouldn't be a bad thing necessarily, however, I just had a flat fixed last week on the same side but the back tire. So now I had a flat on the same side but on the front (intentionally trying to confuse you - did I succeed?). Well needless to say - I must have found a bed of nails or something, cause that is the culprit in both tires. :-( So I got to work late this morning & and I guess getting out of my routine is not a good thing. But I will get over it.

I do however want to share this bit of info with you - as a single woman I find it hard to find a mechanic that will be "honest" with me & NOT rip me off just cause I am a woman. I found a one when I had to get the flat fixed last week. I went in & had intentions of pricing a new set of tires all the way around for my car, but when he went out to check them - informed me that I had over 10K miles left on the current tires. The tread looked good and he didn't find in a necessity at that time. (NOTE: Now, when I had my oil changed last month I was informed by the manager at the dealership that my tires were in bad shape & would need replacing immediately and had me sort of concerned about even driving it. This is the same said people who priced a transmission job for me at $38oo - when I informed them I didn't have that amount of funds came down to $1800 - what is up with that? - They didn't get to fix it either)Return now to the new mechanic - when I complimented him on his honesty & thanked him for being honest with me - he said that "in his business its hard to be honest, but that they work extra hard at it." So they will get my return business for sure - Let me introduce you to Bush Tire on the Parkway - otherwise known as "BF Goodrich".

So life is good, and I am glad that I am still here!


Blogger FloraBeth said...

Glad that everything turned out ok with you...enjoyed supper last night...wunderbar bologna yummy!!!

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