Thursday, July 13, 2006
"If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small." Proverbs 24:10
Doing my daily devotions Monday - this scripture stood out to me. Bro Sanford preached a wonderful message in Lakeland & quoted this verse. What does it mean to me? I went online to find where it was located & came across this "e-letter" & thought I would share it with you.

QUOTE: "It’s easy to get discouraged when you are faced with adversity. But that’s no reason to give in, no reason to listen to that voice of discouragement, that voice that says to quit, no one will know or care, you have a good excuse to not give it your all, people will understand. God knows, and you know if you've given everything you have. Our example is Jesus. When He was faced with the cross – a horrible death by crucifixion – and the torturous beatings leading up to it that left him nearly unrecognizable as a man, what did He do? He persevered. He went and did what He was born to do, offering up a perfect, sinless sacrifice. He did it out of love for His people, His sheep, His followers, and multitudes of people in all... and you and me. How can we ever justify quitting when the going gets tough when we have the example of Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave Himself for us?" (unquote)

My Thoughts:
This is pretty profound & it makes me realize just how much I must rely on God on a daily basis for strength to press the battle on. (I am in NO way discouraged - I'm more determined then ever to serve God) I sit here reflecting on what all God has done for me these past 12 years and I give Him praise for EVERYTHING - all the hard times, all the trials, temptations to give in have only made me stronger in my daily walk with Him. When those around me fall by the wayside - there is sadness in my heart that I cannot describe in words. I know the heartache and the wickedness they face out there & it is so NOT worth giving up the wonderful life God has for them. Why, oh why, do they want to throw it all away & go back to the sinful life they had, to a master that cares NOTHING about THEM as a person - he only wants the for a trophy? After he has discouraged them, he isn't finished with a person just because they have backslid - NO, he will not stop till he has TOTALLY DESTROYED them & everything GOOD about them & they are in the grave. How sad, when the Heavenly Father gave HIS ONLY Son to die for YOU & ME & forgives you of your sins & your sinful past & then gives you power to say NO to sin on a daily basis & has made provisions for us that we can live HOLY on a DAILY basis. I thank God that he delivered me from a rotten & terrible messed up life. He has changed my life COMPLETELY. I am a NEW CREATURE (2 Cor. 5:17) - I am NOT the woman I used to be. Why oh why would I even THINK of returning to that horrible wicked person I once was? Adversity - no, its not always pleasant, but neither was dying on the cross so that I could be saved. I owe my life to HIM - I WANT to be enslaved to HIM - God, I love you - thank you for giving your Son so that I could be saved. Thank you God for the wonderful life you've given me. My prayer tonight is that someone will read my thoughts & that it would provoke them to think about the life they are living now & have a desire for a life like I have tonight. Love, joy, Peace, Contentment, Happiness - there are just no words to describe it.


Blogger busydays said...

Spiritually, "giving up" is not in my vocabulary. In fact, giving up is not a personality trait of mine....I'm like the diehard battery. But, I would "give up" anything God wanted me to give up. I want to be like the five wise virgins...Keep my lamp (my indvidual experience) shining, keep my wick trimmed (anything that needs to go anything that needs to be added), working unity among God's people, witnessing and keeping my eyes centerd on the goal...Heaven!

Have a good day,

Blogger Omaloriann said...

So WHO are you - busydays?

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