Saturday, January 10, 2009
Happy dreary - dreary day!
Ok, some family members are down with the crud that has invaded Huntsville :( Niki went to the ER this am and they came in and looked at her and said - you have sinusitis! UHM, NO I don't think so. Achey, feverish, can't talk, gasping for air, back hurts, couphing/choking. Overall miserable. As a mom I believe she either has that crud that some other people have around her or she has Phemonia - Jonathan had walking Phemonia several years ago - and her symptoms are very much like his were. So I took her home ( I really really wanted to bring her home to take care of her, but with others in the house, I don't want to intentionally bring it in the house, you know?) Got her some juices to drink, soup to eat, and then she vicksed her self down & went to bed.
Faith, Anthony & Emma all have the cruddies too. Anita was sweet & took Emma home with her to care for her till her mommy gets better and is able to care for her again. Which works out good since I have to work and all and that way we don't have to constantly get her in & out in the weather. So, if you don't want the sickies, then I guess don't come visit us, which makes me sad.
So, now I am off to go get some sewing done. Ta-Ta for now.


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