Sunday, June 08, 2008
Westlawn Vacation Bible School 2008
They did a fantastic always...........the adventures of Dave & Lucy - this time in Granddad's Garden..........very cute. The children worked hard as well & it showed.

Savannah was so excited

Grand-dads House (Bro John Casteel)

Mrs. Crabgrass's House (Sis Faye Flanagan)
The Sunflowers in the Garden
Jaqi Thompson, Cody Bricknell, Tyler Walker, and Sam Nordstrom
Brittany was the horse & Bro John was plowing his garden
(I know its not very plain, but they wouldn't hold still for me - hehee)
Elana & Suzy (Christie Jones) visiting Mrs Crabgrass

Mrs Crabgrass

Bro Curtis witnessing to Mrs Crabgrass of the gospel

Jesus (Bro Jef Nordstrom) praying in the Garden

The cast at last - Bro David Persle was the Cowboy that rescued Bro Curtis and got him to the hospital.
The animals Jacob Thompson was the Cow,
Brittany Thompson was the Horse
Brenden Casteel was the Rooster

And Zach Nordstrom was the Pig

Like I said, they all worked hard on this. Sis Jeni Nordstrom was the narrator and Song Leader, Sis Faith Persle lead the daily Bible verses. Sis Vicki Kirby made the costumes, and Sis Kay Casteel was the director and artist. Brad Nordstrom was the pianist.

A very good program. If you weren't there - you missed it, stay tuned though - next year Lord willing the adventures of Dave and Lucy will continue.......


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It looks darling :)I love Children's Programs!

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